1. Introduction: Purpose and Objectives

2. Scientific Methods

3. Mind and Emotions

4. Emotions and Physiology

5. Limitations of Scientific Inquiry

6. Qualifications

7. Ideas, Ideology, and Ideologue

8. Love H.A.P.N.S. and Love Happens!

9. How?

10. Evaluation

11. House of Ideology

12. Statement of Faith

13. Mystery and Discovery, Happiness and Health

14. New Age

15. My Foundation of Truth And Knowledge of Theory

16. My Most Optimistic Framework of Myth and Fantasy

17. Balance, Compliments, and Synthesis

18. Limitless Access to Divine Inspiration

19. Continuous Spiritual Communion

20. Fractal Infernal Temporal Seed-Body

21. Why Does One Suffer?

22. The Meaning of Life

23. The Mystery of Consciousness

24. The Discovery and Mystery of Existence

25. Points of Divine Intervention

26. Love H.A.P.N.S. Taken to its’ Logical Extreme

27. Why?

28. My Model of the Existence of One Totality

29. Quantity of Energy: Seed-Body of Self

30. Quantity of Energy: Soul-Spirit of Self

31. Reasons Why Alienation Occurs

32. Quantity of Energy: Seed-Body of World

33. Quantity of Energy: Soul-Spirit of World

34. Qualities of Space

35. Lengths of Time

36. Values of Denominator

37. Infinite Four

38. Key to Joy, Faith and Love

39. Possible Reasons Why We Can’t Discover Other Universes

40. Unicorns, Dragons, And Faeries

41. Evidence

42. Causes and Effects of an Unbalanced Mind

43. Balance of Emotion and Thought

44. Growing Stronger as a Believer

45. Problems and Solutions

46. Contradictions Between Imagined And Known Existence

47. Pragmatic Evaluation of My Model

48. Logic of the Thinking Mind

49. Calculation of the Probability that a Myth Maybe True

50. Occam’s Razor, Truth and Myth

51. Objective Evidence, Subjective Evidence and the House of Ideology

52. Logic of the Emotional Mind

53. Further Ornamentation of My Model

54. Four Motivations

55. Gnostic Theism and the Motivation of Seed

56. Agnostic Atheism and the Motivation of Body

57.Gnostic Atheism and the Motivation of Soul

58. Agnostic Theism and the Motivation of Spirit

59. Homotolerance Versus Heterofascism

60. Agnostic Theism versus Gnostic Atheism

61. Positivism Verses Perfectionism

62. Spiritization Versus Negativism

63. Truth and Reality

64. Projection Theory

65. A Six Part Model of Existence

66. Theocracy of Plutocracy

67. Terrorism

68. Persecution Complex

69. My Spirit Is Able

70. Used as a Tool

71. Unified Versus Divided

72. Continuing Series of Wars

73. Great Numbers of Minds

74. Spiritual Liberation

75. Universe Worship

76. My Response

77. Dynamic Influence Diagram

78. I.D.E.O.L.O.G.Y. Way

79. Infinite One

80. A Game of Survival and Sacrifice

81. Reoccurring Themes

82. Conceptual Change

83. Intentional Anthropomorphizing of My Model

84. Source of Gender Imagery

85. The Implications Are

86. Yin Yang Symbolism

87. Mother God Father Love and the Tao

88. House of Ideology Mandala

89. Emblem of the Soul-Spirit

90. Emblem of the Seed-Body

91. Cyclical Nature

92. Cosmic Game

93. I Rely upon the Support of a Community of Faithful Believers

94. I Am an Agnostic Theist Opti-Mystic