Thank you for being the wonderful person that you are.

I am Kevin Michael McDaniel.

I am the High Ideologue of the House of Ideology.

I am life formed from the union of seed body and soul spirit.

I welcome you to my official website.

The purpose of the website is to lead, entertain, and educate us with examples of how to build a model of existence made up of truth and myth that best produces happiness and health for as many as possible. The examples I have to offer are contained within the text of the House of Ideology Manifesto. I wrote the House of Ideology Manifesto with the help of many others some of whom l have listed in the bibliography.

Here is some of the nice things that people are saying about this site and the House of Ideology Manifesto.

“Bravo! Wonderful Site – fine thought.”

Carolyn Flowers, Seattle. San Francisco native born 1948

” I love visiting a site like yours! A fine example of what a spiritually oriented site should be”

Amy Lui, Spirit and Sky! Junior Editor


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